Armadillo Potato Love

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30/09/2007 - Thankyou Tom Fulp and Newgrounds for adding this to the 'Songs To Wear Pants To' collection :D

The other day I was looking through my iTunes library and came across this song by Andrew, the guy who owns and runs songstowearpantsto.com. Please go and visit his site because it is pretty awesome to say the least.
So, enjoy the armadillo and potato love!



For what you had to work with song-wise, I liked it. The only thing I can think of that could improve is adding some more color in the white scenes. Other then that, it was pretty good.

(title in work)

Well, it's pretty hard to judge this one, since the song you were given, is really short. That's probably the only reason you have less than a 3.0 on this. But I guess with what you were give, a song only 20 seconds long, and little to be done with the lyrics, I think you did about all you could do. Created an interesting character to sing, and animated everything about as best as you could.


Pretty funny, short and to the point, I think it wasn’t bad, I think you synchronized the sound to the movie very well, the animation was nice, drawings normal, and plot… Well plot was self explanatory by the movie title. Nice enough.


Graphics: 8, Well drawn, well animated, simple yet good, the key to a good animation.

Style: 7, Kind of funny, defiantly a humorous movie, and a good one too.

Sound: 8, The music was well synchronized to the movie… That’s all there is to say about audio.

Violence: 0, Unless the armadillo and the potato start fighting I’d say this is violence free.

Interactivity: 3, A play button.. As always, the same old play button… This is my 17th review today, and the last thing I need is to start talking about play buttons.

Humor: 7, Funny, based on the song, I’m sure the creators of the song would like to see it too.

Overall: 7, Good movie, short but so is the song. Interesting that I’m pretty sure when you submitted it, I saved it. Just randomly reviewing it now to boost my reviews.

Slick responds:

Thanks for taking the time to review it so in-depth. The creator has seen it now and said he really liked it :) And as for the play button, it was the usual after-thought just put on at the last minute.


I like your style, and the animations have got potential. However, this was absolutly too short. I would suggest you to make something longer than this, next time.

Slick responds:

Thanks, I'm actually working on a much longer project. This was just a quickie I did to get back into animating :P


I couln't see the play button that was clearly in the center of the page, so I gave you a 0.

Slick responds:


Thanks for the seven in the review then.

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Apr 2, 2006
10:46 AM EDT
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