Sweet Nectar

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Gooseman flies into space and stars in a soap opera.

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Gooseman and Fernando really are your work horses. I think they are written well enough to make most things that I see them in enjoyable.

Best watched drunk or baked.

I guess there's no replay button. Still, the exploding head thing is cool. I don't know what this has to do with nectar. Well, it is just a random title. My favorite part was when he complained about the background showing up out of nowhere. Gooseman's his name?

I guess that's the guy with the glasses. The one with the mustache is Fernando. There have been so many cartoons made by you it's hard to keep up with them. The animation looks so old. I'm glad you got better.


Where are the old videos?

But lol

This video

Makes no sense

But it's awesome lol