The Simpsons: A Quiz v.2

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Hi! Well, this is my second attempt at a Simpsons quiz, and, believe me, this one is a lot better than my other one. I added a background colour, audio, extras, mulltiple difficulty settings... anyway, I added a lot. I would appreciate it if you could leave reviews saying what I could improve on... anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to 'The Simpsons Beyond Forever', too.



Well firstly i can't believe it but i was actually able to finish both the easy version and the hard version, the last question in the hard quiz was just nuts, it was asking how many clips were in a clip show luckily i just guessed and got it right but darn was it difficult, which shows that your doing your job right i suppose. I thought that the extras were alittle weak in content though but it was good to see you added some at all, the quotes should have had sound behind them instead of having to read them and the speed quiz was just too short only having the three questions just didnt put any pressure on. Overall you have done well with coming up with both levels of difficulty for the questions, also what was up with that cool simpsons mix?

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)

Frenzy responds:

Thanks for the review... about the Simpsons Remix, I got it off the audio portal, if you want to ever use it in a flash or something. Thanks a lot for the review!

like the other guy said....

more questions because that was hardly a challenge for a simpsons fan like me!

Frenzy responds:

Yes, I have been getting that a lot... more questions! More questions! I will be almost positive to add more questions if I ever make another quiz.

Thanks for the 7. I'm happy with the way this quiz turned out, and I'm glad to see you were too (except for the lack of questions; see above).

Thanks a lot for your comments, and thank you for taking the time to review this!

Good quiz.

__The Good__
This was a nice quiz. The menu screen looked nice. This quiz was a bit different from the others, mostly because of the Homer sounds used in this during the questions. I got to say I was stumped on some of the questions on the difficult setting. It was also some what funny.

__The Bad__
There should have been a way to turn off the Homer voice because it was annoying me after awhile. Also, some harder questions would have been nice.

__Over All__
A good quiz about a great cartoon series. Nice job on this quiz, keep it up!

Frenzy responds:


~ Z

Fact: This was my first submission that passed judgment!

A good quiz!

I like how you put an easy diffuculty level and a hard difficulty level. That way, if there are people who watch the Simpons but aren't huge fans play this, they will actually be able to answer the questions while the people that are huge fans, won't find this quiz very easy. I think it had some pretty good questions in it. The graphics weren't to great though. I think you should have put some actual buttons instead of text buttons. I also like how if you got a question wrong, you could start from the beginning, go back to the difficulty setting, or go back to the main menu. I like the background song too but I didn't really like how it starts all over if you start the quiz all over. It was a good quiz!

Frenzy responds:

Thanks for reviewing!

you know your simpsons

great fun for a simpsons fan

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Mar 31, 2006
5:40 PM EST
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