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Kingdom Fire Demo

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Update (12 December, 2009) - I've noticed (for me, at least), that Flash Player 10 sometimes causes some sort of bug when the game loads that makes it freeze and crash. In that case, just reload the page and it usually works. Sorry about that.

Also, this will not be updated. Ever. However, a sequel may possibly be in the making after I finish my current project. Until then, have a beer!

(End Updates)

Boxes of cookies, hours of iTunes, and a few thousand lines of code later, I have finally finished (version 1.0) of Kingdom Fire!

I started this back in November of '05 and have finally come to the point where I can show off some of the game. Much of the content I planned on having by now (including level editing, a larger game, and more spells) has had to be put back due to time constraints. However, there are still over 150 items and 20 spells that can be cast.

Thanks again for playing and enjoy the game!

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not bad :)

Oh man you even made a game guide. I've read it after finising. Partly. This really is madness in effort. Fighting scenes with moving beautiful skeletons! And everything is made pretty decent - wow.

A lillte "short" and one scaled tree in the graphics section, but nothing to complain about at a one man studio.

Hey man, great game. If you decide to make another one I'd definitely play it.

150 items and 20 spells? Madness! For a flash RPG to have that many items is fantastic!

In recognition of the fact that you said there will be NO further updates, I would like to point out a FEW things I noticed;
traveling COULD be a little quicker
enemies could be able to respond after about 5 minutes (or less)
and lastly (and worst of all) you can sell quest items. I had done the first mission, beat the necromancer, and sold the dagger.
Though that was easily avoidable, my points stands.

I hope a sequel comes out sometime! I'd definantly play it!

Nemo responds:

Thanks for the review! I appreciate any constructive criticism and I'll definitely fix up all of those issues in the next game I make.

Peace + love!



Nemo responds: