Exmortis 2

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### NEWS ###: Read up on the development progress of Exmortis3 at exmortis3.blogspot.com

Finally! The sequel is done! Thanks for the massive props from the first game - without it, this one wouldn't have been made... I hope this one lives up to the standard of the first one...

For all of you who are having issues with the Soduko element of the game - there is a walkthrough at both www.jayisgames.com and www.lazylaces.com which will fix you... Use it wisely!!!

Frontpage again! Aw... shucks :) Thanks guys!

Big thanks to www.lazylaces.com and www.jayisgames.com for the feedback and beta testing...

Enjoy all!
Ben Leffler
Leffler Web Design


Holy Fuck

his game scared the shit outta me you should like make it a movie or make another game

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that was the sound of me foaming at the mouth because of how frigging TERRIFYING this is! The lack of claustrophobia in this one is made up for by the sense of hopelessness you get. in the first one, hopefuls may have said "well, maybe someone from the outside will help?" in this one, it's"fuck fuck, i'm the last man alive, unarmed, with an army of demons after me..FUCK!!" And now, a walkthrough for the confused.
enter the church. wait awhile until something happens. what, you may ask. don't worry, it's kind of obvious. Enter the left confessional booth after the right one slams shut. Talk to v- i mean, that completely unknown guy on the other side. yeah. lets go with that. when he stops yammering on, scroll over the crucifix in the booth for a grim recount of your character's past. Leave the booth, go into the one THAT GUY was in, and read the pamphlet to the end. read the back of it. now go back to the main room. click on th little door in the back right of the room. you'll end up behind the church. you'll definetly notice the sky. scroll over the clouds for a humerous explanation by your charachter. and since i'm tired of typing "character" over and over, let's just call him snake. you'll see why later. click on the little metal loop on the antennae of the old beater truck. then use the loop on the wood slat porch. you found the key! yaaay! now use it on the truck and gtf outta there! You'll end up at lochear fields ranch. wow, that doesn't look ominous, does it? enter anyway. when the door closes, a picture will fall and break. It's a portrait of ol' xavier reyham and gwen. remember them? i bet you remember gwen.(lol) look in the closet for the nastiest, most gruesome, bloody...nah, it's just clothes and a toolbox. and a SPECIAL toolbox you need to open. but you dont have the code:( oh well! here's how to get it! go into the downstairs hallway, open the right door, and find the scene of a rather heated game of hangman^^. ignore him. look at the paper on the table. it's a sudoku puzzle. i cannot tell you how much i hate these things. i hate math in general, but to make it a game is just stupid. anyways, if you hate math like me, the code is 831. if you're a math nerd, i just spoiled your "fun" and i don't feel bad about it! anyways, open the toolbox and grab the screwdriver. no exmortis killing with this! anyways, go upstairs to find a very pissed old spirit who will yell at you before slamming all the doors. open the one on the far left to find an empty room with a phantom replay going on. look at the bulletin board to find a key and nespaper clippings of the exmortis spreading like a zombie outbreak. humanity was doomed from the beginning. the exmortis either have some kind of "God Mode" thing where they're invincible, or they're just unstoppable because there is an infinite mass of them spawning from the void. continue into the other far door to find a dead nude woman. you'll find out why she's like this later. open the drawer to find a bible, and if you search carefully, a diary. this diary explains mostly everything, and the pages that don't are downstairs. before you leave, go into the door that snake says smells bad. enter to find the evidence of the exmortis' cruelty. grab the zippo lighter under the bed and run.go downstairs into the hallway with the vent. open it with a screwdriver.go in to find it dark. oh wait! good thing you grabbed the zippo! turn it on and-HOLY FUCKING SHITDICKS! go change you pants and continue through the vent and come into a room where someone has evidently become an hero recently.read the papers near him, they are the lost diary pages.he was acting out of mercy, so don't hate him. Gave his wife a fine final gift, eh^^.anyways, go outside through the backdoor, into the cellar. find an old book in the crates, then if you want, tune the old radio a few times^^.get out, shit, run upstairs. the door is open! run in, and select the pistol you grabbed from the dead guy. become an hero, then do this puzzle thing in the afterlife to be rezzed. in a tunnel. do the final fight and win. end.

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i preferred Exmortiis 1, but this was brilliant too ;)

Try the walk through if all else fails. lol

http://jayisgames.com/exmortis2walkth rough.htm

love this game. only got stuck on one point because I didn't know how to play sudoku. lol lame i know.


I LOVE YOU, I read everyone peice of paper and every diary in the first and second one, it is the BEST storyline I have EVER seen. Are you like, Wes Craven in disquise? It is so amazing. I cant beleive it. I love you, it got me hooked. I didnt want too. But i kept playing. I got addicted. Its so amazing. I love this.

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Mar 27, 2006
5:57 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click
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