Crazy Belmont

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Sometimes ya feel like a nut...

There really is no point to this game. I was playing around with some Richter Belmont sprites for one of our collection pages, and I thought it would be fun to dump him in Crazy Shuttle and see what happens. I added a few other quirky additions as well. This should be fun for like 5 minutes.

* NOTE * - I often forget that since I don't upload most my movies through the Portal, many users don't think I have made many of my own. For anyone wondering, I made Crazy Shuttle, so I'm not stealing someone elses game engine.

Anyway, there's a useless surprise if you score above 2000!



hm... it got fun at the beginning and i couldn't see the point of the nitro... just keep on running and you go at full speed and just move up and down and use the whip... it's pretty pointless as you said and what was the point of dracula? I lost interest halfway but just kept playing... good job tom fulp!

Great lol

this was really fun to just run around and run it to people


10 stars because I know what that "chibi" actually is. Its from a game called Kid Dracula. Yes, Kid Dracula is related to the Castlevania series and was on the Gameboy. Overall, good, but, it really is pointless... lol

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Pointless, yet I'm entertained.

Man, my brain's really g'damn simple! So fun a game. What's up with the chibi Dracula that appears at 2000 points? Don't know him from any Castlevania game.

Oh, and hearing the kickass theme of Richter...memories. You gotta tell me where to get that song, 'cuz I got it stuck in my head, and it won't come out.

Crazy but fun.

Kinda has no point but still fun.

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3.81 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2001
1:11 AM EDT
Action - Other