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Shamoozal: Man-Bot

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Man-Bot is the newest addition to the Shamoozal cast of characters. Stomach Crunch was handled by Shamoozal Animator, Frank Summers, and sound was done by Joe Moscariello. It requires Flash 8, so make sure you're using it. Enjoy!

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I admit that I didn't really understand this. I mean, it was weird not seeing the other characters. I'm not even a fan of this series and I know the characters well enough! I couldn't tell who he was at first. I thought he was someone watching the commercial. Then again, he did look the same.

It was funny to see that live-action stuff on the TV. The animation is pretty good. I wish there was a final punchline. It was just something about a pervert robot. It seemed like it was cut off early.


It was good but not great.It had basic jokes and the voice of the robot was kind of hard to understand.It lacked advanced humor.But overall it was good.


nicee job! that was pretty funny.


I liked man bot just like salad fingers he is fascinated from somle things also e don´t understand some things (like you don´t poke women asses)

hey robo man

i think ull get throu in a garbage can becauseu just scarp o and a pawn shop