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Plan Ten From Outer Space

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Author Comments

This movie is a sequel/parody of Plan Nine From Outer Space. Plan Nine, by Ed Wood Jr., is known as one of the worst Hollywood movies of all time (Budget: $10800).

My movie will be enjoyable whether or not you have seen Plan Nine. However, as a parody, it's best if you have the background information that was contained in the film.

The following is some background to what Plan Nine was like: Aliens were trying to build an army of zombies. They were trying to prevent Earth from developing "solaronite," which supposedly can destroy the universe.

If you want the details explained to you, Wikipedia has a good sumation at: http://en.wikipedia.org/w iki/Plan_9_from_Outer_Spa ce

Plan Ten takes place just as Plan Nine is ending. It pokes fun at some flaws in Plan Nine, explains some of the bizarre happenings caused by a low budget and poor direction and acting, while adding some of its own original material.

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Retro and topical together!

I roared at this movie.

Tell your folks to buy you a new microphone for your computer! That was the worst point.

What I really liked was the homage to Plan 9, and the topicality of the Bush stuff (classic quote: uhhhh, ok.) The Kremlin roof popping open was da bomb!

When I zoomed in to see the space ship explode, in battle, I saw how much detail you put into the movie.

Your alien totally rocks, and the government review bits... LOL.

I want to see more from you. Lots more.

AngryWonton responds:

I'm glad you liked it. I did eventually get a new microphone, but I probably won't rerecord the speech because I'm currently working on other things (none of which are Flash.) I intend to get back to animation, but I think I should find an Adobe version of Flash so that my next production doesn't get graphically owned by most of the recent high-end stuff.

Perhaps I'll do a game next.


The ending is the funniest part! Overal the cartoon is very enjoyable! You could use some music and more sound effects, but that is a minor complaint. Good job!

AngryWonton responds:

That ending is supposed to be quite a zinger. I'm happy not only that you liked it, but that so many different opinions on it have surfaced.

Nearly all of the music and sound effects ar downloaded from free sound effect sites. There were quite a few that I would have liked to used but couldn't find. You should have seen the awful selection of laser noises.


well its a good animation, the graphics are pretty well drawn and what not.. but what makes it bad is the sound by the mic and also the lip sync wasnt all that good... but eh, it did get a good score. so yeah in the next one just get a better mic they only like 10 dollars

-Justin :)
it did get alittle boring so i exited it so next time add some more action and events to make it more lively and also add some background music or something

AngryWonton responds:

I had no idea the sound would be so unpopular. Makes me wonder if a muted text would have done better.
At least the amount of effort I made on the graphics came through well.
It's too bad you exited, there is a small space battle near the end of the animation (my favorite scene graphically.)

I enjoyed it

Well, you're definitely pretty good at flash. First off, the sound was awful. We can all agree on that, and it needs to be improved. Get a better microphone if necessary. I enjoyed the flash, although I was kinda confused as to what was going on. The graphics were actualyl very good, and I loved the UFO animation (very plan 9-eqsue). The concept was good, but the ending was kinda weird. Great start though.

AngryWonton responds:

Yup, sound. I'll most likely be buying a microphone that isn't lots of years old, rerecording (aha, REREcording), and resubmitting. The plot was designed to be somewhat incoherent, though I had hoped the general idea would get through.
I'm glad you liked the graphics. Not bad for a first, hmm?

New Mic?

KEWL! I got the "Saviour Point" on this :) ... ok my only problem is the quality of the sound. You "pop your P's".. try a better mic or foam over the end so air no longer hits it & creates that noise. Nicely done getting into the portal

AngryWonton responds:

Yup, bad microphone. Came with the computer. But, um, aren't scores of 5 supposed to be average in a review? I made a quick scan and you seem to only give about 1 in 10 movies a score over 5 in an individual category. Parhaps you should curve your scores up a bit? Certainly my graphics aren't below average, and your review doesn't give any indication as to why scores are what they are (except sound which I'll admit is clearly flawed.)

Credits & Info

4.12 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2006
4:37 PM EST