Gravoor 5

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This is Gravoor 5


very nice

I've played your previous version and you did a good job in improving it. Only one thing... I've found pressing space distracting, you could easily make the transitions mouse controlled as well to give more flexibility to the player. The color changing was a nice gameplay twist, too. Keep up the good job!

Chris responds:

lol, well i had to do something new with the gameplay didn't I ^_^

i liked it

the the person before me the only bad feature in the game is starting over from the beginning. U should change it to chapters or something similar to that. other than that great job

Great game!

Very good games! It gets the brain working, which is a good thing.

Chris responds:

This game is better than a bowl of shreddies when it comes to getting your brain working.

Best one yet!

Definitely this is the best game of this series so far. I like how you are keeping the series fresh with new features and different level designs. I didn't particularly like that the gravoor was controlled by the mouse though. Either use the arrow keys or make the gravoor stick to the mouse. Graphics were great, better than most games of this genre, and nice music too.

Chris responds:

You do realise the stick gravoor to the mouse or arrow key movement would screw up the whole point of this game :/


wow... ive rated gravoor 2,3,4 all a 3/10. new ideas!! new graphics!!! new everything!!!!!!!! too bad u have to start alover wen u game over :(

Chris responds:

lol, i bet when you played those 3 first. you weren't expecting this were you :p XD

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3.81 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2006
1:51 PM EST
Puzzles - Other