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A Walk in Town

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Author Comments

WARNING: Flashing images
Whoa front page!! Thanks a lot!! :)
First of all: Thank you so much for all the good reviews!! I have more confidence AND something to improve on now!
This may develop into a series(story is still in the working periode) but so far it's only an experiment with music. It took me ages to finish but i'm quite pleased with the outcome. It's mouse drawn and most of the mowements is fbf. turn up the music and enjoy...hopefully...



Hopefully, that got your attention.

I have to admit, when I saw the beginning of the flash, I seriously underrated it. It didn't look good and I was thinking it would be just another generic anime that fanboys try to create. But you managed to prove me wrong...mostly.

There were a couple of things that I saw were either pointless or generic/cheesy. First, the beginning fight should mark the protagonist as an "anti-hero", or one that seeks justice no matter what. You conveyed this to the viewer, but the fight was very cliche, and the lead character acts so "cool" and cocky that the viewer pulls away from the character instead of admiring him. Plus, when the goons die, two of those lackies are behind him. And don't get me with that "I was satirizing animes", I've already had that bullcrap pulled on me with Superpope.

The second problem I had with the flash enhances the first. When the second fight occurs, and the character (whose name I don't even know) gets injured, he becomes angry. This emotion conflicts with the characters attitude of being cool and controlled. It's like "Wait, wasn't he just all cool and junk, and now he's angry? Cocky punk deserves it." This is what I mean about how it enhances the first problem: choose one or the other, is he cool and collected or fiery and hot-tempered?

The last problem I had is a small one--the hand symbols. Either do cool hand symbols or do something creative.

I think that's it with what I saw, although I am contemplating with if I saw anything else. Sorry about the whining, but if I know that something is good but can do better, and if I know that someone is talented but has to work harder, and if I know that something can be really big in the future, than I go off about it. I hope that in the next episode, you learn to correct some of these problems to better your score (I think this was my longest review to this date).

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quaro responds:

Thanks! now I have something to work on.

great. . movie i have a question..

the movment in your movie is fantastic. .in my movies i can draw well. .i just dont understand how to make the movment so well. .and what do ou mean by fbf. .plz reply to this reivew thanks.

quaro responds:

fbf means "frame by frame". I don't really know how to help you( sorry:( ) but if you keep practising then i'm sure youll improve. Try experimenting to find new ways of animating. Maby youll find something that works better. Hope it was usefull.

I really just don't see the point, but I liked it


I really likes it, but there are just way way to many beat em' up flashes out there. I liked the song, and I liked the graphics, but people should start to make more animations with a plot.
Also good audio/video sync!

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I liked it.

The music added to the whole thing. Its one of the best that I have seen in awhile.

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you can draw pretty good. Nice animation. Best I've seen today!

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Credits & Info

4.17 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2006
1:51 PM EST