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Stoners' Lunchbox #01

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"Ho imparato a sognare" (i've learnt how to dream) is a music video i've been intending to make for a long time now. This is for my old and dearest friends who still live in my home own in Italy. This is to let them know that even though i was this lucky, they can still achieve just as much. "Never stop dreaming" is my motto!

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A pretty funny animation! Good graphics, smooth motion and a hillarious idea too. Great sounds and wellfitting choice of music as well. Keep it up!


stoners-lunchbox responds:



lol he had a chainsaw

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Chainsaws are lolful.

Good Work!

Yet another one of your flashes that I have missed. Another good one as well!

I have to admit, I was suprised by the language of the song - luckily, you put in some damn good subtitles, and any problem with understanding it was taken care of swiftly.

The graphics were excellent. You obviously put some time into it - such as Ratbag and Furball coming alive from a piece of paper, or the kicking of the ball. All of them are executed supurbly.

You displayed the emotion of the characters in this piece quite well - however, I did think that your character there cried a bit too much. [Heh]

Seriously now, I enjoyed the character design of yours, with the oversized eyes. However, you draw it in such a way so that it doesn't look as though it was ripped from a cheap Japanese cartoon. Well done!

Keep up the good work, as always!
- Nomader

stoners-lunchbox responds:

You know, it's always heart warming to know that i'm releasing shorts into the portal that are still liked even when it's been a while since their initial release date.

Thanks for watching!


This is one of the best flashes i have ever seeen!

Keep up the good work!

P.S: It's about time someone stood up for all the great submissions like this one!

stoners-lunchbox responds:

thanks very much!

Your kind words are my cider...


I had to leave my friends too... You have two characters of your own, and your movies are really nice, all I've got is one character. =P Keep it up, man. You have reasons. People love you, and by the way, even 100 more Service Announcements wouldnt fix newgrounds. Yes, I'm positive.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

True... Sadly. But it makes me feel better by getting it out of my system and giving Newgrounders with a brain something to laugh about. You'd rather laugh than bottle it up and stress, wouldn't you?

Thanks for the review and i hope all goes well for you too!