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WillPostForFood is Sexy

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WillPostForFood (Shake Lock) is a real sexy guy. You can skeet all over him!

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jerry rice played 20 years in the nfl

aubergine's cameo in this is quite lock delicious. is shake lock shake glock i am too lazy to check.

anyway i found the ejacluation rate highly improbable.


I really can't understand why people submit these kinds of flashes, it just seems like the kind of thnig you create when you're learning flash but it doesn't seem like it should be shared with the rest of the world. Keep trying bud, just don't submit until you have something people will want to see.


lol damn That was classic. I liked how you drew everyone since they look pretty cute. Funny stuff man

<3 SK




Okay it had no meaning, what so ever,except for the fact that the guy was sexy, or thing, i dunno, i think u are messing with us, u just made a quik movie, to see what people write for dumb shit, and other wise, u were bored, either way, i didn't laugh, wich was the purpose of it, i think, so that makes it not good(ur probably just laughing ur ass of, with all our comments but hey i don't care, MAKES IT EASIER FOR US)

you got a three for the effort