Halo Nerds ep. 3 part 1

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My first prize and frontpage, thanks! Just make sure to watch part 2, it's much better.
Something went really crazy when I exported the whole episode 3 so I had problems with that for some days when I finally decided that the only thing to do was to make it two parts. There's still some work on part two but it will be done in two days. Then I submit it too. I hope you like this one.



Very funny, nice sense of humor, the voices need a little more work but keep at it, they are getting better, Ive noticed an improvement. Looking forward to the other half of part three. Good Luck

CErX responds:

Thanks, I love those who review like this. Nicely telling what's wrong, good :)
The second part will be out today I think. Are all voices bad?


is it just me or were all the voices really bad?

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CErX responds:

All? I think the yellows were better than the green and the pink teams.

Pretty funny

Im not much of a halo nerd, but I still found it to be pretty funny. Nice work.

CErX responds:

Thanks :)

Not really funny at all...

Sorry, but I just didn't find a single part of that to be actually funny.. and I'm a halo nerd... who is this geared toward?

CErX responds:

Okay, that's too bad...


wasnt bad but accents on the voices killed it. Had to close it as soon as the one guy said pussy. Its actually pronouced (if you're read this) p-uh-c not puss-e...

CErX responds:

Yeah, I know. Alivier discovered it and we were to lazy to change. Sry that it made u close it (or maybe good? :/)

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3.83 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2006
2:13 PM EST
Comedy - Parody