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Hot Topic - Not Punk Rock

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Author Comments

A flash for a song called Hot Topic is Not Punk Rock by McLars. I have met the guy and he is a ledgend. Enjoy.
Wow! Hot Topic are celebrating 30 years of punk! Go them! *rolls eyes*

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Listen to

The Metal By Tenacious D

It means that nuffin can BEAT METALLLL!

Hot topic

Well hot topic is more of a goth store then punk store now Good points kitty things and girly pollows what the hell hot topic not crapy fitch go flash.


I'm gonna look that guy up. Hot topic sucks! They're like the new MTV!


i've never heard this song before but its awesome! video was awesome to! real punk make their clothes! punks not a fashion its a lifestyle!

Wannabie Goth not paying attention.

off topic is the best exaple of a good idea gon bad.
i remmember a time when if you walked in with sunglasses on you couldnt see Dick, now you have to put sunglasses on to get to the Fucking store, iv bought three things there, Net shirt, Boots that lasted 3 months wich i hear is good life span for somthing from Off Topic, and the new Manson, lets not get into a tiff over my music, i just couldnt find it anywere else and i didnt have a credit card.

ok history lesson for the gothic wannabie fuck.

2000-2003:6-7 years ago, Hot Topic was a goth store, good idea gave the goths some were to shop other then the Mega expensive specialty stores, and costume shops, now there Tripp pants were third rate at best badly manufatured thats why they got em.

2003-2004: became a sell out, selling ICP and The sex pistole slowly start rasing prices and firing the ass hole store clerks who know about goth and punk, hiring pop punk bitchs.

2004-2005:starts saying there the biggest punk supporter while still supporting Slipknot(ewww), lights getting a little brighter.(plus side starts carring JTHM)

2006-200...:Now the world biggest emo supporter, the only goth you'll find is GOTHIC Beauty, and manson stuff and mabey a pair of TRRIP pants some raver would buy(again with the EWWWW), complet wast of money and officaly known as OFF TOPIC (Nothing to do with the music.)

i love your video and i find great support in my hatred for that corprate demon every day. 5

Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2006
3:26 PM EST