Krazy Kar 2

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The sequal to my hit game -Krazy Kar-! 4 NEW MODES OF GAMEPLAY!

The menu is an arrow key and spacebar menu!

(On the score screen, please enter you name in the box where it says "name", your scores are recorded onto the list automatically)



i didnt liuke it way to boring who wants to draive a little stupid car on atrack but i gave it a 5 becuase i can tell u wored hard on it and that deserves something


Far better than the original. The long and high jumps are quite addictive as well!

Pretty good.

High jump and long jump are good fun, but the other three modes have problems:

-Time trial is too random now seeing as you only start with 30 secs on the clock
-Journey lags too much, even on low quality
-That mode where you have to collect everything is impossible to do in a reasonable length of time.


physics are way off and the car is is the center, thats annoying. theres this thign called rotational energy, 40 percent of the energy in water is rotational. and theres alot of water here on earth. think about employing it?

furthermore, i bounced on the down side of a mountain, which would be absorbing impact as it shared part of my trajectory, and not bouncing on flat or even oppositely angled mountains??

when you run head long into something, you crash or go backwards, not up and over with increased speed.

music was the best part of it.

I like it, it's really an addicting game.

Well, I know it's not to most detailed game out there but it's really something fun to do. And yet it's simple enough not to get so confused by all these complex controls. It for sure deserves a spot in my favourites because of it's sleek design and original ideas.

Way to go and keep up the good work!

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3.34 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2006
3:07 PM EST
Sports - Racing