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Your Inner Pineapple

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Release your inner Pineapple

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I didn't understand a word you just said

I bet if I heard it I would have rated this worse, but could understand microsoft sam....

LollerCupcake responds:


Hmmmm so thats why they call it a pineapple

Very fasinating and educational i must say :P

LollerCupcake responds:


My God, is goes on FOREVER!

Where did you get the text from? I'm pretty sure that you just copied and pasted everything into that voice program from some site on the internet.

The graphics are ok... but seriously what the hell? Make something that's worth watching at least. This is a flash that is not actually MEANT to be seen all the way through, it relies on the fact that the viewers will close it before it is done from sheer boredom. When the voice finishes, the "animation" just keeps on repeating. Is it any wonder that it has a relatively low score?

Make something that stands on its own, then maybe you'll have a chance.

Oh, and don't respond to this by saying that I haven't made any flash animations myself and that therefore my opinion is invalid. One doesn't have to be a director to know that a movie is bad.

LollerCupcake responds:


Make me.
I'm in the Glock Group, an association that was created for the purpose of pissing people off with crappy flash, of course it has a low score.

If I wanted to do that, don't you think I WOULD HAVE?

Nah, that's what you'd WANT me to do. And I hate people telling me what to do. so:
Flash by Esn:
- none -


anything with glocks or clocks,

just gets cancelled ... can't even watch it you anti-artist ...



LollerCupcake responds:

If you didn't watch it then why did you leave a review, numbskull?
I mean seriously, how the hell can you review the flash without even watching it?
Fuck off.


It's original, I'll give you that.

However, the sound is pretty poor - it's difficult to make out what is being said, and it's...well...kind of boring.

But, yeah. Originality is good.

LollerCupcake responds:

Yeah, I had to compress the sound to give it a smaller filesize.

Credits & Info

2.78 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2006
10:51 PM EST