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SpaceShip:DodgeItAll V2.0

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Hey again....
Now Regone has joined tha game
This is v2.0 of my game : SpaceShip:DodgeItAll(SS:
*stuff updated from last verson*

SpaceShip reDrawn
Reverse Control On SpaceShip
Rocks And Enemys Coming from the outside of the stage
New Sound Track

*next verson will contain*

New Song Track



was ok

this was ok. it wasn't great but it also wasn't bad.

Keep up the good work!

You only fixed some things and improved some...

You made the graphics a little bit more smoother than in the first version

I did know the soundtrack! Really, the music belongs to this flash.
I want to see that track back in Version 3. Oh yeah, add more music so other people can choose a track.

Well, this is a really game that doesnt get bored quick!
Its a little bit challenge. Maybe this can be famous as Mini game?

I cannot wait till Version 3 to review that.
But add next time.

1. Collours for your spaceship. Like blue, green, red etc
2. Add buttons to choose tracks.

Well, everything is ok. This needs to stay in the portal. Keep up the good work!

Lopas1 responds:

V3.0 coming soon...
i may use some of your ideas...

nice game

not a bad game, but you should fix something.. when you stay at the top of the screen, you really rarely get hit by anything, so it make it easy to get a score, without even trying. Overall good, tho.

Lopas1 responds:

everybody says that...i gonna fix it in V3.0

Astroids without the shooting

Not bad, wasn't entertaining, but it kept me entertained.

You may want to change the music to something a lil more universal. That techno got on my nerves. Also, you may want to have the rocks move around a lil more & have the other things not trace the movements that closely. If it wasn't for flying to the edges I would have easily died especially when the screen got crowded.

Either way, this is pretty decent

Lopas1 responds:

i know the music wasn't the best,but i didn't found anything better i the audio portal(i didn't search very well)...LOL....

Something to consider

The game is moderately fine. I just have a pet peeve with it. And it has to do with the asteroids in the game. They move all over the screen shifting directions. Concerning that this is supposed to be a "space" game, it wouldn't make sense if those asteriods went from one direction and then out of the blue switched to a different random direction. They would actually be drifting along whatever direction they choose to lead, without auotmatically switching to float to a different randomized direction. In your next version, you should definitely change this.

Lopas1 responds:

i would been too easy if tha rocks just drived over the screen...

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2.81 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2006
12:13 PM EST
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