Shamoozal: Guitar Zero

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2/28/06 Edit (Made a small addition to the movie. For those interested, you can now listen to the song at the end of the short. Whoops, looks like you might have to wait until the NG guys update it theirselves. Sorry if that's a problem guys.)
2/27/06 Edit (Thanks for the front page! Glad everyone has enjoyed it.)

Guitar Zero is the latest Shamoozal episode with Grey and Jacquo the Rabbit.

For the last few months, Guitar Hero for the PS2 has been my latest gaming obsession. I wanted to create this to show my love for the game, but I also didn't want to leave people out in the dark who have never played it before. Hopefully I've struck a balance.

Like my other shorts, it's short (clocking in at just over a minute) and as always, everything is completely original, as well as the music that was written just for this short.

Thanks for reading, and watching.



I used to own the game. There's 3 things you need to atleast..ATLEAST...need. Eye coordonation, hand coordonation, and reaction time of you hand. Helps when playing the guitar...about .1%. Because you jsut need the hand coordonation and reaction time. Lol, It's fun to be a smartass...yet it does have it's consiquences...


great movie, and i love how it points out how guitar hero doesnt help with anything, thing is, i've met alot of ppl who play guitar hero on expert but cant strum a guitar correctly.... so true

and great job! ive watched most of your videos, very nice, ironic work!

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u dont play ull be still ur noobish way now
you do! and u grow your hair go on american idol

Flawless victory.

Jacquo wins!

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i play on expert

i play guitar hero on expert but quite a few people who play on guitar hero who make vids either cant play it and take the piss because theyre shit or they make vids where they own every1

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Feb 26, 2006
4:04 PM EST
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