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Well, this is a minigame I started with Ninja-Chicken Yesterday. A remake of Asteroids, hope you like it.

Thanks for the Score NG!!!

Artwork by Darkfire_Blaze, Programming by Ninja-Chicken.

Please Review and vote as you must, ill answer to all reviews!


I love me some asteroids

~The good~

A nice remake of asteroids, this had very solid graphics in it. I really enjoyed the animation of the ship, and the space background looked pretty cool. Also, asteroids looked as good as ever =P I also enjoyed the futuristic space music you used, it fit the atmosphere pretty nicely, and didn't get annoying after time. The controls were also pretty easy to control (that's something I can't say for the original), and the idea for the bomb helped a lot. Another thing, I liked how you had a life meter in this instead of just a one-hit kill, like I am pretty sure was in the old asteroids, but I forgot already...

~The bad~

Well, the thing is, I've never been too much of a fan of asteroids, usually for its very unstable controls and the fact that I'm very unlucky and always ram into a rock when I start to own... Anyways, you could've also had some more depth in the game, perhaps levels or high-score, would've been nice.

Overall, a great asteroids game with very solid graphics and good music, though you could've put more modes in the game, I think. I hope this review was helpful!

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Blaze responds:

Thanks for the kind review, I really had a hard time looking for music too.

And no, the healthbar wasnt in the original, it was just a one hit kill. now THAT was a pain in the ass. ;D

We DID add a highscore table! You can submit your scores after you've died. Thing is, NC's (programmers) site is probably down so... meh.

Thanks anyway .<3


Great take on the asteroids classic. Good graphics and entertaining gameplay. I liked the futuristic menu. The only problem for me was that there was no sound in the actual game of firing etc, I know there's no sound in space but it gives effect to the power of the ship. Other than that, a great game.

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Blaze responds:

I have to disagree with you. Adding firing sounds would have made it annoying to some point, so we decided NOT to. ;D

Thanks for the review. <3

new is good

i could never get into the old one but this is fun and the music calms you so you don't freak out

Blaze responds:

Yeah, dont freak out. :P Thanks.

Awsome game man

Pretty sweet ive played the older asteroids and this is the better but you should have had aftr completing one level if you have used any bombs 1 bomb would be refilled each time. I even had fun just flying and dodging them took me 3 levels to figure out you could move from the middle though. <.< >.> .................Darkfire_Blaze you rock!

Blaze responds:

Yeah, NC (programmer) had told me that every certain ammount of points you gained a life, and a bomb. But it never happened though, i wonder.

Thanks! :D

Well Done!

This reminds me of Space Invaders! I really like the art and the menu section. You are improving alot =] Nice job man! This game is pretty sweet.


Blaze responds:

I think you meant Asteroids! xD

But yes, i love how the menu turned out. ^_^ Thanks a lot for your review!

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3.94 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2006
10:34 AM EST
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