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WARNING!!! : Possible seizures may be experienced during this movie. PLEASE view with caution! Also, be sure your volume is NOT high. Sound has been amplified.

...SQFP...the sequel to S3&K..for those of you know didn't figure it out by now... Originally this was supposed to be attached onto SQFP3.3, but due to bug issues, it was not possible. Enjoy...and maybe someday...this series will be remembered for it's good times...


ahhh memories. i remember watching the series when it first came out years ago

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Wow, you actually thanked God in the credits? I thought everyone on the Internet was against God! The sprite work is awesome. I will admit that it's a little clich├ęd. "Super Mario Bros Z" is better. Also, TTA is better. Alright, there's some bias here.

It's still great to see all the characters come together. I like Metagen mentions what happens to them. I like Robotnik's ambiguous fate. There's just so much intense action going on. I think it would have worked better if you combined this part with the last one, but I guess you couldn't.

Sonic: I am in my true form Sigma your no match for me die. Anyways its great I love this series.

epic but its almost made my ears bleed .-.

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WARNING: This show will melt your face and ears with sheer blistering awesome!

In all seriousness, the voice overs and writing were a bit corny even then and some of the sound effects are a bit repetitive in places. But the animation is still amazing, and the overall story is pretty good, even outdoing the source material in places. And considering this was made almost a decade ago and is still as awesome as it was then...I defy you to say that about 90% of even PROFESSIONAL material. I STILL get chills watching Sonic's transformation into True Hyper Sonic, and the battle itself is still glorious to behold every time I watch it.

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4.25 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2006
5:25 PM EST
  • Daily Feature February 18, 2006