YAAFM 12: Muslims

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Reginold is tired of the Muslim attitude. Watch his scathing editorial on the state of the Middle East. Ouch... this one's gonna hurt.


On the ball

That was great, Loved it.

keep doing what you do best! ^-^.

More gimme more!


People, you need to come down with this shit. I'm talking about some comments on this episode. Someone here said what he thinks about musilims, that not all of them are extrimists and terrorists, and that american people suck for telling it out loud. But you, my friend, are no better. Not all americans are like that, same as not all musilims are destroing things. I myself am from Poland, and have nothing personally to any of the sides. I think, that musilim extrimists are fucking morons, as well as some americans, too. Current government in my country are fucking morons too, for that matter. You wouldn't believe what's happening in my administration. Every country/religion/race has some morons in their ranks, but that doesn't mean, that when I make joke about them, they should feel offenced. Self-criticism is virtue, that I value in people the most. I mean, It's just a cartoon, for crying out loud! It's just a caricature! Damn, it is one funny picture amongst all different ones. They make tons and tons and tons and then some more tons of other crap, about their god, too, Geez! Watch Dogma! You'll laugh at Kevin's approach to relligion. Read Davinci code, you'll say that they (christians) are fucked up for trying to bring one big conspiracy to their own relligion. You see, freedom of speach and criticism are two most valuable arguments in this thing called "discusson". And talking is what intelligent people do. Not trying to "blow shit up" (musilims stereotype) or kill hundreds of men by pushing a button (american stereotype). So you see, not every people from given race are morons.


this was great...my GF lebonese =D
shes hot =|


I have wanted to stand up and say something this for a long time, and I think this is the best YAAFM so far. w00t!

a little to stereotypical

this is kewl, but the piece works with stereotypes just a little bit to much. i do love the line "saying all muslims arent extremists is like saying all christians arent annoying"

i personaly found this halarious in a very american way. it fits the american muslim stereotype perfectly.

however, to show that you are not religiously biased, i would recomend covering christians and jews as well. some people might think you just dont like muslims

all theists are fucking morons

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Feb 13, 2006
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