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Thing-Thing Arena

rated 4.20 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun

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Credits & Info

Feb 12, 2006 | 6:05 PM EST
  • Frontpaged February 13, 2006
  • Daily Feature February 13, 2006
  • Weekly 2nd Place February 15, 2006

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Author Comments

Thanks for the front page and Daily feature (YAY!) I'm glad all of you like the game so much. Just as a note, This game was basicly made to improve upon the somewhat lacking survival mode in Thing-Thing 2. Also, this is not Thing-Thing 3. I'm currently working on Thing-Thing 3 which will feature a full story mode etc.
Thing-Thing Arena features all new weapons, new modes of play, and chaotic addictive gamplay. Compete for the top score in the world. Each mode has its own scoreboard!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

There was something missing...

Have you ever played a game and at a scertain pont your heart started pumping and you can feel adrinalen pump through your blood? This is what this game is missing. If only it had that, It would have been a perfect arena style game. Other then that, this is a very well doen, absolutly wonderfull side scrolling shoot em' up. I hope to see much more from you. Good luck.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A huge recommended game!

I've always been a very large fan of the Thing-Thing series, and this new take on it is very well done. The duck feature is interesting, a little hard to get used to at first, since I'm used to run being S, but rather than this small look-over, this is a very well done action game, and should be put up there with other action giants such as Alien Hominid, and Madness Interactive. Great Job!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Think before you write.

To ScoutingKilluh, for your information Madness did NOT invent the shooter genre, guess what? People were picking up weapons and shooting everything that moves long before Madness came around, Doom, anyone? Wolfenstein? That is how a shooter works. You pick up guns, and you shoot the enemies. Also, for your information, the "Modern sub-machine gun" is the Bizon, a Russian Kalashnikov-based SMG, and that "Grenade launcher" you were looking at is the magazine. I understand that it's an underbarrel tube that resembles a grenade launcher outwardly, do a little digging before you complain about something you obviously know very little about. As for the suppressor on a non-stealth game, maybe it adds *gasp* variety! This game functions on a totally different principal from Madness in the first place, you pick up a gun, and you keep it, where in Madness when one ran dry you just chunk it and grab another. Don't compare apples and oranges, but most of all, think before you bash someone for making a good game.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

With a few flaws, it is a very addicting game!

Well sir, this is a very awesome "Madness" simulation. Every single thing felt like madness: get every single weapon you find on the ground, and shoot anything that moves. The gameplay works great with comparison, but there are a few things that don`t make sense, continue reading.

The gun models (which look nice) and the sound models (which sound forceful) don`t have anything particular with the gameplay. Per-se, why is there a silencer on a pistol in this non-stealthy game? Or, why does the modern sub-machine gun have a grenade launcher attached to it and you can`t use it? Some of these are ignored, but I followed the fact as a reveiwer to see these flaws at hand. Anyway, the good thing about the guns is that...Well...They are very powerful and very realistic, but isn`t your created guy sopposed to have combat-smarts to throw down an empty cliped gun? Seriously, when ever you run out of ammo, you keep your gun without knowing that you ran out of ammo, and you won`t really see that until you don`t really notice you`re not doing anything to the enemy. Sure, there is an ammo gauge at the left-hand corner, but you seem to ignore it since you have to concentrate on your enemy, not on your stats.

The graphics are swell, the thing I liked about it is that it has to sense the quality of performance it needs to play well. But, the graphics seem a bit ordinary. The character models seem to Madness-ish and I do know that making REAL models are hard, but the game seems to get repeative from all those enemies on screen.

I don`t know why, but does anyone thing Paragon`s music is getting a bit-tad...Overated? Try to buy some sound tracks in stores or something.

I`d like to write more, but I won`t have enough room to write anything else, so here is the overall. Awesome game, with a few awareness fixes and touches, this could be the new generation of Madness! I hope to see a sequel soon.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It's not bad, but the other two are better.

This wasn't as fun or addicting as Thing-Thing and Thing-Thing 2.

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