Sprawl Metropolis (Old)

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EDIT: Just to let you guys know, this is an abandoned version of Sprawl. I'm currently (August, 2008) animating a relaunch.

Wow! Daily Feature and 60K+ views! Thanks for the support everyone and especially to those who gave good, honest reviews.

Episode One: Blocked Paths
Trapped in a ghost town, a man known only as The Traveler must fight for his life!

Go to http://sprawlmetropolis.
tripod.com for bonus material!


pretty good but one prob

I liked everything you did with this, but you need to work on the dialogue a little bit. It's a bit to hashed out and unnatural. Other than that, everything in this flash was great and i can't wait to see your next installment :)


good job!


Wow this is an amzing piece of flash. The style you have seems a little used, but with an original flair, which is always good. Its nice to see a serious flash once and awhile, so thank you for making it. Dialouge was only slightly cliched. The kid who tells the village's story, his voice acting needs a little polishing too. However, this still is an amazing flash so keep up the good work.

One of the Best Original!

That is a very cool and awesome ingition of your upcoming original series and I love it! The fight is very cinematic and have cool flair of style to it! The voices are SUPURB, ecepically that Hantu deep and menacing demon voice! About that Hantu, you stole my IDEA!!!! (not really, it just two great artists think alike!) I do have the same idea of black figure that can shape-shift, but mine will be sightly different than your, more of a species than a demon and have different traits.

I am looking foward to more episode of this Excellent Series (even though there is only one now!)

-Avek Vaer

Good stuff

Liked the movie, love the potential for a game. Original idea with the big black shape-shifting monster thing.

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3.97 / 5.00

Feb 6, 2006
2:58 PM EST