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By popular demand, I've added a pause (which is disabled during boss fights) and a music on/off toggle, so you can listen to Slipknot, or ICP, or New Kids on the Block, or whatever music it is that gives you your video-game-playing superpowers.



You are the white ball. Move with the mouse, and explode yourself with the left mouse button. There are no other controls.

Red balls are the basic enemy. Explode yourself next to them to blow them up, and try to make chain reactions to blow up as many red balls as possible with each explosion. Every time you explode, you lose 5 seconds. If a red ball touches you, you automatically explode and also lose 10 seconds. If a chain reaction is already occuring, you can not explode yourself, but you can still be exploded by red balls. This will add to any chain that's already happening, and can be used to your advantage.

Green balls are created when you blow up red balls. Green balls cannot hurt you, and can not be blown up, but when they reach the edge of the screen they wrap around as red balls. During boss fights, green balls will attack the boss, which is the only way to hurt it.

Purple balls can hurt you, but you can NOT hurt them. Like green balls, they turn red when they wrap around the edge of the screen. Purple balls are fired by bosses, and by falling stars. If you see a falling star, get out of its way.

You gain an extra 5 seconds every time your score is greater than the cube of the total number of extra 5 seconds you've gained since the last boss plus the level. If that sounds complicated, just remember that you'll gain more time the more points you get.

You gain an extra 10 seconds every time there's a falling star. You do not have to "catch" the star to get the bonus.

You gain an extra 50 seconds every time you defeat a boss.

The game ends when you run out of time.



This is the prototype of a game that I will be working on for XBox Live Arcade. It was inspired by a free doujin game called Every Extend. Go check it out. Most of the SFX were also taken from Every Extend. The music is by Paul Starr who will probably also be doing all the music for the "real" version.

I'm particularly happy with the fact that there's absolutely no randomness in the game; everything that happens is directly affected by your actions, and if you do the exact same thing every time, you will always end up with the same score. This means that although it's possible to do well through luck alone, skill is much more reliable and will consistently succeed, and there's no such thing as just being "dealt a bad hand" by a random number generator.

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lotta fun

I thought this was a fun, very addicting game


It was alright, but it wasn't really that good. It's kinda dull.

Addiction they name is prettyprettybangbang

I got 19263 on my first try...
This is so addicting it's crazy. The amount of fun I had is second to none. It looked and ran great. I'll be sure to check out your other work.



Wow... The scripting must have been hard. Nice job. Awesome music for the game, too.


I liked the concept of the game,great flash

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Feb 3, 2006
9:46 PM EST
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  • Daily 5th Place February 5, 2006