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The 16-Bit Wizard

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The follow up to our previous game, The 8-Bit Wizard. Now's your chance to find out who, among your friends, is the ultimate know-it all of all things Super Nintendo. With 60 questions we listened to all our reviewers and add three choices of music, mute button, displaying the right answer, and ranking system. Thanks for the support and special thanks to Xanadu32 for all the programming.

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Song from option 1 anyone?

Well, I couldn't really say anything that bad about this. It did kind of annoy me how I wasn't able to get very far. I thought I knew a lot about video games! I guess I'm just more used to studying more relevant things like college classes. Hmmm, could you ever have a college class in studying video games? Anyway, this was pretty good.

It could have been a bit more detailed, but it certainly didn't need to be. I appreciate it for the simplicity it makes for itself. The music is really good in this. I could probably guess it was taken from a video game. I knew at least half, which is better than I thought I would do.


this game is pretty good. lots of questions were hard, and when i finished the first time it said i needed a super advantage. but then i kept trying, and at my last try it said i was a 16-bit wizard. this game is good.


Good game! tough i now evrything about SNES, BUT NO! anyway, can i get an MP3 link or somethung to Music nr.3?


I did 350 but still some question are to hard and some are to easy.