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Supernatural Fighters

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UPDATE (May 24, 2010): I removed the copyrighted music from the game and replaced it with stuff from the Audio Portal. No changes to the game itself, though - it's still just as crappy as ever.

- - - - edit (May 21, 2010) - - - -
LOL! I gotta say, all the reviews saying how crappy this game is make me laugh. It's also pretty funny that this lame game has nearly 300 reviews.

204 people favourited this? Seriously, lol. Anyone out there wanna submit this to the [Flash Portal History 2006] collection?

Anyhow, you guys are absolutely right - this game does suck. I created it in 2005, mind you (I know it says 2006 here, but I didn't think to submit it to Newgrounds right away). I think it's alright for something I made as a newb, but yeah, it really does suck.
A big thanks to everyone out there who says this sucks. It really is just funny to me (in a good way). Also thanks to people who suggest improvements; I dunno if I'll ever end up finishing the sequel like I wanted to, but your opinions are useful to me as a developer/artist. Maybe I should just post an incomplete version of it...
- - - - /edit - - - -

First off, you can't play this game alone. It is a two player only game, so I recommend you find someone to play the second player. There are six characters to choose from, four different stages to fight in, and optional music for each stage.
Instructions are included in the game. You can't move and attack at the same time, and when you're attacking, you have to hold the button down until the attack is finished, or until you don't want to use that attack anymore. So if you're using a special move, you hold down the key, and the stickman will use the attack until you release the key.
This was my first fighting game, and I think it turned out alright. There are problems with the game, I know. I didn't use any sorts of tutorials or anything, and I made this quite a long time ago. It was an excellent learning experience, and my next fighting game will be a masterpiece compared to this.

Well, hope you can enjoy this game.
-Danny Poloskei [cloudflash.net]

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This was actually a decent game it has some nice style about it I like the concept here and the two player option is notbad too some improved effects like on impact moments would be pretty good I like the idea on this though and in it's own way it is fun with some entertaining so nice job on that aspect of things anyways keep up the amazing work

Some more impact moments with some flashy effects


I wasn't able to play it. It's not just that I didn't have a partner, although that was a big part of it. My laptop doesn't have those number keys to fight with! I mean, I guess the game looks nice. Even the title's kind of off. It's too generic.

I guess the designs are fine. For stick figures, it's well designed. I just want a game without two player. There should be options. It literally isn't for me.

game is decent but Drowning pool was the main reason why i liked it since it was an epic song. sad to see it go

i think its ok.

Still don't care how shitty this game may be, like the idea of it, and my music is in it, so it will always have some weird fuzzy spot in my heart.

DannyP responds:

Your honesty is appreciated. I'll try to put your music to better use if I make anything new.