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Ball Revamped 4

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**Flash 8 and IE recommended**
**Set the game quality to LOW before final boss (lvl 100)! Boss takes a good 2.8 ghz to play!**

Four months was spent on this installation of the Ball Revamped series, this time with a 100 new levels, 20 power ups, 8 different obstacles, 2 bosses, level codes, and a high score list. Bringing it back to the old style of gameplay, Ball Revamped IV: Amplitude is definitely a notch above the others in the series. I hope you enjoy. -jmtb02

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This is the Ball Revamped I remember from my childhood! It's no wonder I liked this game so much, considering how polished it is for the year it came out. The physics are far improved from the previous games, the glimmer and shadow effect on the walls finally feel like actual graphics and not some kind of placeholder, and the music is catchy (despite the loops being very short.)

If there's any one thing I'd criticize it would be the general lack of design in lieu of powerups. There's a lot of content to be sure, but a big chunk of the middle levels feel more like a showcase of different features (bombs, lasers, fire, steel, darkness, etc.) than actually making challenging levels out of them. As a result I found myself struggling the most with the first couple worlds as well as the last 5 "countdown" ones. The final boss also feels kind of gimmicky in that there's really no point in avoiding the attacks so long as you can get to the goal when it pops up. Having the player be able to react to them in some way (especially requiring some tasks to be done to make the goal accessible) would make it feel more like an actual fight.

That said, this still holds up wonderfully! Performance isn't the best on Ruffle but I successfully made it to level 55 before having to download it and play the rest in Flash Player.

This was my childhood. Used to play this over and over again. This game feels like second nature to me at this point. Thanks for making my childhood, John.

(Surprisingly I beat this in 706 seconds with only 46 deaths)

Played this a few years ago. Finally had the chance to beat this game.
One star away for the last ten levels, requiring lots of precision makes it pretty frustrating to play
Overall it's pretty enjoyable and challenging, I really liked the design of the final boss

went right through level 9 wall nerd lel

Surely this is more of a skill game than a puzzle game.