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Controls: left and right arrow keys to move, P to pause, Q to adjust quality



I found a way to get past all the cubes without touching, tough but boring after the black and pink dimension, or the gray and cloudy one, or... what's the last one? I think it's... a mixture of colors. Highest score I got was well over 3 million, but my brother just had to interrupt me...

Well, a way to do it is find a clear path and either go <- or -> on the arrowkeys. I showed it to my friend, James. Crazy guy.

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Good solid game

I personally really love this game it has a simple design and concept but isn't always that easy, I actually challenge myself to get through some of the gaps in the walls. I also really like the fact that the colors change, that jut adds to it mostly because I want to see all the different colors of all the "levels" and thats why I keep playing this.

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ok gggggggggggggggh

kind of boring, to easy blue is fun hahahahhahahahhahah

Cool driving game!

I liked this a lot, because it was so stylistic and so futuristic looking! The music was a little strange, but that did not take away from the sheer amount of enjoyment I got from playing it. I love when it changes its design completely like when everything becomes black with green outlines. It seems to be a test for your own cockiness. You can get through some of these empty spaces easily, but the more they go on, the more you want to put a combo put just to impress yourself. My high score was over 261,000.

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4.22 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2006
5:04 PM EST
Skill - Avoid