Ultimate Sprite tutorial

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*Ahem* This is a tutorial that explains a bit more than just telling you how to animate. It goes through simple steps to tell you how to get there an get it done.

UPDATE AS FOLLOWS// Im going to be posting a new sprite tutorial somewhere within the next 2 months, it will simply be called, Ultimate Sprite Tutorial V.2. It will explain a bit more indepth, have better graphics, and a back button !!

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WOW. It has been SO long since I used flash I forgot how to trace a bitmap correctly....

Nice job!

I even learned something from it and I've been screwing around with sprites for a while now! At least someone knows the benefits of putting the color threshhold at 1, and puts it on their tutorial as 1 instead of 100. one thing though. since it's sprites, which are a bunch of colored boxes (squares/[]s) making a picture, you should set it to many corners, due to all the corners that the boxes have.

Didn't dissappoint.

It was a really good tutorial and picked up where others left off or completely ignored. Thanks for making this.

And just a note, you are missing a 'y' on nasty somewere in there...

Resist-Refuse responds:

Thanks alot, and make sure to look out for V.2, I will be explaining alot more, trust me, in the last year i've learned alot more about flash.. and tricks for spriting.

Oh that note.. haha, i usually make typos.. unfortunatly, but ill be sure to properly revise/edit my next version..


Man the Title Screen music was hilarious!

Resist-Refuse responds:

Haha, thanks alot dude, i got that one quite alot.


Thank you so much for saying that you need to publish preview to view it!!!! I was getting so mad becuase the sprite wasnt moving when I normally tested the movie. Thanks alot!

Resist-Refuse responds:

Hehe! Your welcome bish ;)

Yeah not alot of sprite tutorials are really that helpful with the little details.

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