"Echo Dreams"

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a romp tastic action pack with a heart of gold. where else can you find the epitome of 3Dimensional goodness than in this ridiculously rendered masterpiece. if only the lonely would watch in bewildred, then this might make it into the serious shorts channel. if only, be lonely. won't you?


This wasn't bad, but it wasn't really good either. It seemed to be too slow in its resolution. I tried making it lower in quality, but it didn't work. I doubt something this old would really hurt my computer. I still liked the CGI. It's great to have something different.

I felt like there should have been more of a story. It still pretty well for itself. The title is really nice too. I don't have to understand it. It definitely came off as unique.


the 3-D graphics were risky and in the end probably cost you more than they helped, when people watch something, or atleast when i do, i want it to be easy on my eyes, which this was not, the voices were poorly done and if it werent for the subtitles i wouldnt have been able to understand half of what was said, the lack of a storyline can condemn a flash, however a good one can be a salvation, and this although it was hard to watch, was interesting, 6/10 work on the voicing and graphics and you have much potential

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aH.... it was okay

The art wasn't really that good but I've seen a lot of videos on newgrounds and a lot of them lack 3d so I'd say that's really the only thing going for it. The movie was shoot and it was really more of a bad trailer. And the alien design reminds me of those Pokemon aliens. I wouldn't be at all surprised if that was where you got the design. Animation and art suck, but you work on it and it could be something. Good use f the Dannie Darcko song though.

i dont know when this was created

but this is like horrible 3d not as bad as runescape but u ketch my drift it just was low quality i didnt like sry deal with it

Interesting... Wish the frame-rate was higher :$

The concept is great, but the low frame-rate and low quality weapon/particle effects that don't match the high quality of the character models drug the graphics rating down to 5.

But I have to admit that the potential here is huge.
I'm eager to see what the next installment will bring and to see the story take shape. ^_^

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3.71 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2006
7:42 PM EST
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