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A little social comedy I put together. Don't be offended by it; I do not condone racism, and neither is that the intent of this cartoon.

Also, I love comments as this was a serious effort. A lot of people asked me about the theme song, too, which I did write. Thanks for watching!

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what an intriguing risk

wow that would be offensive if it weren't just so darn hyperbolic. *go figure out the meaning of that word in context*; I think a little while after the wake of the Kieth Richards thing ... in a way it's a sad joke, because some white people, mostly super-rich still just don't get that all people are equal. that, along with the ridiculous outdated and racist social charicature of black people, makes this a great risky joke. I find it ... what's the opposite of insulting... to the modern mind; kudos to your risk and kudos to the simultaneous jokes.


that was really good, you're really good with cartoons i mean you have 2 on the front page at the SAME TIME right now!! keep 'em comin


you sir are a asshole and i love you

Pretty good.

It was fairly well drawn, and mildly funny. An overall good effort. I have to say, the only thing keeping this from being a ten is that it needs moar afros.

GoldenSalamander responds:

yea it was my first, but i did the music!


you ass hole i hate you for the hole thing i thought this was going to be funny or alot of killing but no it was a black guy siting on a desk with a watermelon and his fammily poorly drawn at that and why did yuo say egro over and over why are you trying to get shock laugh no no he was in lave clothing why huh you ass motherfucking faget hope you die

GoldenSalamander responds:

negro isnt a bad word, but 'faget' is (when spelled corectly!)