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Raiden's Crossover

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more cartoons at my website: revivaleyes.com

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Oh, so you did use Pokémon after all. I didn't find this as good as the other one. It's mostly because you use less known video game characters. It's still really funny. The best part, by far, was the lemmings bit. It was great just to see all those little sprites.

I don't even know if that game ever was in sprites. Does he say, "Licking a licking?". Is it, "Taking a licking?". Something "a licking". It was great to see all these specials too.

LMAO! My favorite parts were the bits with Stryker and the Shokans, especially when he yelled at them to shut up! I wish you could make another one though, perhaps one with Shao Kahn and his shoulder charge?

So thats what happens when raiden gose turbo. the rest of the MK cast goes crazy. Awsome animation man.

hahahahahahahahahaha!this is cool!