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BlueBird ChristmasSpecial

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Front page??!!! Thank you oh so very much!

In this 6 minute Xmas animation, Blue Bird's nephew learns what it is to share, or not. Blue Bird's bratty nephew Jamie get's himself into some pretty hot water, and unless he helps mall Santa find his son, he can say goodbye to life and all his internal organs.

Sorry Newgrounds seems to want to resize the movie smaller than it's original size so the backgrounds might look a bit, eh, but I can't help it.

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i mean i saw this 1 last x-mas almost a year ago...

More like...

More like early matt groaning =P


Why are you so god damn good?! The animations were awesome.
Looked like something John kricfalusi would do. (The creator of Ren and Stimpy) I hope to see more from you.
Merry Christmas

very nice

I acually liked it. It was well thought out and felt like an acually cartoon series. the voices couldve been clearer and the animation a tad better but this is good. funny stuff too.

heh... can't take a punch eh?

I've been reading the reviews and saw my fair share of awful ones which was done by ten year olds saying "OMG TH3T SUX NUTS!" But others had some contructive comments and such. What got me was that you intended on making second grade insults to each and every one of those comments, even the goods ones. Honestly, I wonder what sort of pethetic comment is going to pop up here if I get one. Bottom line is that this flash needs more work, and the voices were really horrible, not to mention the jokes were kind of bad.

Have fun with yourself...

Kralex responds:

You're supposed to review the movie not the authore. Anyway, sorry you didn't like it. Have a Merry Christmas none the less.