Foamy : "Japanese Capers"

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Hello Sirs. Here I present to you Foamy in "Japanese Capers". 10 days of hard work has gone into this, and it's possibly my longest movie yet - ranging in at around 4 minutes or so! :D

In today's swell episode - Foamy wins tickets to fly out to Japan on a TV gameshow, But when he arrives, he gets more than he bargained for, and just when it couldn't get any worse......

Please take the time to watch the entire movie before voting, and if you wish to leave a review, please leave constructive criticism. Thanks.

Shout outs to all the folks at the UCFD. Sorry I couldn't cameo you all.

So without further ado, Enjoy the movie!


UCFD... meh who cares... ¬_¬

UCFD... I've known about you guys for a while... not that I nor anyone with a half decent IQ could care less. I wondered when you guys were gonna rear your ugly head with another anti foamy movie to add to the growing list, guess here it is... well animated for what it is but newsflash... no-one cares... the only signs of anything funny here I haven't seen done a million times before was the gag of having wade at the yaoi furry convention XD The rest of this the creator of foamy himself would be laughing at if he could be bothered to even look.

Frankiedaman responds:

lots of people care sunshine *pat pat*.
now run along and play with the foxes, badgers and other furry animals. YIFF YIFF. -=^.^=-

Last guy was right- you do suck.

Fine if you dont like foamy but we dont wanna hear you whine about it with your 5minute pieces of shit. Get a life and stop making it revolve around hating someone else. You're probably even jealous.

Frankiedaman responds:

Sir, what are you doing on Newgrounds during worktime - you have another public toilet to clean!


This isn't funny

The animation could be better. The extra scene at the end was not funny or entertaining at all. I also have a pet peve about people who have a character talking jidderish and then call it Japanese or Chinese. Foamy could have seen a commercial in English before going to Japan.
Overall, Foamy parodies are rarely funny. The sound affects and cartoony reactions were alright, but the rest of the flash was a little sad.

Frankiedaman responds:

A bit of an interesting insight into that scene that your peeved about:

Record the sound of that scene where foamy is watching TV. Slow it down, and you'll clearly find it's Japanese, infact, I recorded it from a Japanese Newscast and just sped it up - therefore this puts an end to that problem of yours.

Don't get so hyped up about it, it's a flash cartoon on the internet. That's all it is.


You guys really should rely on your own talents. You do realize in that making a club based soely on making fun of Foamy and his creator, that you yourselves owe all of your success to him?

Maybe you could do something a bit more worth while and entertaining, having nothing to do with foamy, and then at the end be like, okay foamy sucks.

I mean I don't really give a shit about foamy one way or the other. I just think you guys are contradicting yourselves somewhere. Or something.

Frankiedaman responds:

"Maybe you could do something a bit more worth while and entertaining, having nothing to do with foamy, and then at the end be like, okay foamy sucks."

- That sounds an amazing idea.
/end Sarcasm


wow, foamy, wade, hentai and a huge bunch of awesome artists with guns! (and wacky sounds too..) can't really get better than that..

happy F-day!

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2.59 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2005
2:15 PM EST
Comedy - Parody