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Pallid Fingers 2

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Yay 50k Views! Thanks everyone!
VERSION 3 UPLOADED. This has the following fixes:
1- song titles in the credits
2- no more lag for anyone, garunteed
3- fixed menu button @ end of credits

The lucrative nettles trade is almost uncovered on Salad Finger's birthday in the final installment of my Salad Fingers parody, Pallid Fingers 2.
If you notice any bugs let me know. Runtime is almost 14 minutes, about 17,000 frames. 3 months of of work finally here.
This imy 2 F-Day submission. F-Day is about overrated authors in general, and my parody is about Salad Fingers. So a happy F-Day to you all! Now grab a snack, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


Not 'lol' funny, not too offending, but still good

Wasn't a very effective parody, in my opinion. It was more like 'The Regular Adventures of My Normal Characters; Featuring a guy that looks like Salad Fingers'. Even if you pulled off a more accurate parody, you'd probably attract the same amount of flaming fanboys, so there's not much that can be done anyway.

Anyway, besides this, the movie flowed pretty well. Generous chunks of random humor all over the place, and believable (if not limbless) characters. Try to have more going on during your scenes in the future, as I can imagine a lot of people will be bored during the slow talking parts.

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rtil responds:

i'm not going for the 13 year old audience, i want people with attention spans damnit

Agreeing with Crab_ass

I agree with Crab_ass. You didn't give credit to the main producer of Salad Fingers. Though That can be fixed by putting it in your main intro to the Flash. Other then that, its really another messed up Salad fingers parody. sort of out of place with the salad finers charater I believe, but its alright. and i would suggest Viewing it, Its a good show, though the Animation is sort of Lost in the other charaters.

rtil responds:

i did give him credit look around harder
even if i didn't it's pretty obvious what this is based off of

YOu're an artist but not a comedian

The flash was brilliantly executed and you seem to be interested in trying some of the more difficult flash techniques such as when you experimented with the 3D pan in the carriage. The humor however didn't get me. I never really enjoyed the slow stupid humor as in napoleon dynamite and while salad finger does tickle my fancy on occasion dave firth's other works seem funnier to me, so I may be an impartial judge. In any event the flash was well done so keep doing flash, but maybe try some new venue to exploit your talents.

rtil responds:

perhaps i'm just not funny to you


there was something i could feel in my waters that just didn't allow this flash to go down very well with me. it may have bee the American accent for salad fingers. whatever it was it made it all seem a bit wrong, and wrong to a degree that beyond whats expected from a parody.

rtil responds:

sorry i'm not a cadbury-munching trolley tagger


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4.04 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2005
2:57 AM EST
Comedy - Parody