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Classic Pacman...ENJOY


Ah, Pac-Man. One of the best games in the world. Unless you make a really crappy engine, which I'm ranting on right now. The controls are awful, the collision detection is awful, the ghosts have terrible AI, you can't lose lives, the fruit goes away too soon, Inky is replaced with Funky, you can go in the ghost pen, you go way too fast when you eat a power pellet, the sounds are way off, and the bottom text is INPUT text. I'm rating this a 1 because it sucks.

Why do you go fast when you get the power up? Why do all the ghosts go out almost at once? Why is inky GREEN??????????

I love the game, the sound effects are just the best! I might consider this the best Pac-Man version I've ever played. Spmething I noticed is that you have endless lives and the controls are a little complicated to play the game. I couldn't get to gaps I wanted to go and sometimes the character would be moving by itself without touching the keyboard. If there is a way to control the character better tell me somehow. Overall 3.5 stars. Good job.


But there are some strange things in the game.

- Endless Lives
- The difficulty of controlling the character (more difficult than in the original).

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The level design was good...

Before i get to the negative, I have to say that the levels would make great pac man levels. So, if you redesign the game with better sound and without the glitches, then it would be great.

Now I would like to talk about something no one seams to notice in the rest of the reviews and that is probably because they have never played actual pac man. Pac man is supposed to only turn when his is at an opening. When there is a wall to his left then he is not supposed to be able to just face that wall and holding down left will only turn that way when there is an opening. This helps the game control better. Since this version does not do this, then it does not control well. I would love for you to remake this with the levels intact and the problems fixed. Then it could be the best version on newgrounds.

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2.83 / 5.00

Dec 16, 2005
8:33 AM EST
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