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{Dunks 2}

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This is a compilation of dunks that my friends and I performed over the summer. The quality isn't the best and yes, the net isn't TOO high, but to perform good dunks we can't dunk on a 10'0.


i think it was a BIT cool

i enjoyed watching it but later on the dunks were being repetitive like the board pass,board pass, board pass, board pass, dunk. but really it was cool

I think I got leukemia from this...

The whole time I was watching this I was praying that a car would come barreling down the road and run you and your chav friends over. Unfortunately that didn't happen...

btw if you're wondering why I put a 10 for humor, I was laughing my ass off at how you guys are such losers.... seriously, filming yourselves out on the street dunking on a hoop thats hardly taller than you are, with shitty music and sound bytes in the background- God damn don't you have anything better to do??

That was boring.

I come to newgrounds to see good flash, not bad video.

This was more annoying than anything else.

Again with the crappy dunks on a video.
The sound quality here was HORRIBLE! The wind was making too much noise, and the volume of the music was put up to compensate, but it was too much! Should have muted your voices, and just had music at a better level over top.

The only reason I gave you a 10 for humour was that you had all these "spectacular" dunks on your 5.5' rim, and then you turned to doing lay-ups (in slo-mo, might I add) on what is still below conventional rim! Beautiful!

Again, as with the last one, WNBA material.

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You should put that up on Collegehumor or maybe let those bastards at Ebaumsworld have it, but it's definately not newgrounds material. Sorry.

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Dec 14, 2005
10:30 PM EST
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