The WoW Soundboard

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Based on the wildly popular game, World of Warcraft (which I play too much), I created this as a learning experience on handling sound files in Flash, along with ActionScipting. Also used were Acid and Dreamweaver. Time will disappear once you start "mixin'". If you are at work, I suggest headphones or your co-workers will be making murloc sounds at the water cooler. Enjoy!

Added: All sound files from the yellow buttons are from NPCs. Yes there is a dwarf in there, but you can't play him in-game. There are a few sounds ("fart in tub", etc.) that I have never been able to play in-game but they are on the disc... Honest! The sound file, "I can't put that there" is so sexy out of context. It's what female gnomes say when you try to equip something that doesn't go into that particular slot. "I need 2 hands for my weapon" is another good out of context one. Thanks for all the good reviews!

Added: Our blessed Leeroy isn't here becuase he was not in the original game. All of the sounds come from the original Wow, no expansion sounds. Leeroy didn't even exist when I made this. I'd love to make an expanded version with more files and a visualizer but I just don't have the time. Thanks again for the great reviews!


a review

i play WoW and some of what they say sounds surprisangly acurrate even though they aren't emote sounds,10 for you!


i dont play wow...but i guess for a flash its okay

Where's Leeroy?

No 10 without Leeroy.
And, as said before, a visualizer would be nice.

Lorgana responds:

Please see my comments above about leeroy. And thanks!

freakn sweeeet

love it love it love it...

Lorgana responds:


nice sounds

i realy like these sounds, ive herd them all in the real game! and *Jay1337*, this is a soundboard from World of Warcraft, not Warcraft 3

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Nov 30, 2005
11:33 AM EST
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