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N00bkebob #09

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the ninth instalment of the holy kebob.

we had quite a break because someone abused our accound to post crap(im not saying names but you all know who you are)

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The ninth installement!

Another fine kebob!

Well, in this one the quality is really different in the movies.

Queen's part was quite swell, the drawings were nice, I liked specially the stonewall or the cave, but the characters were also cool. Their facials expressions were funny aswell :P

Hoogin's...well, the graphics and tweening were rather bad, making a few improvements would have been ok, in my opinion. The music wasn't that bad, though.

Star's was ok, but the 1st emotional movie was funnier. Some more animation would have been cool, but the song and the black and white thing made the correct atmosphere.

Keep going!

N00bNation responds:

Queen: The reason my part had much better quality in this one is because it was originaly intended to be submited alone. But i then didnt like my part for this kebob so i put that in instead :)


I love it when you over crowed the entry with a number of entries but i guess aslong as they are good it doesnt matter;

N00bQueen: What a great parody this was of games in general, i was going to say that it was alot like resident evil at the start but then you completely mixed it up and made it seem like such a generic game, great fun to watch. I thought the character design was great and the way you animated the violence was gruesome 9/10

N00bStar: Well that was pretty sad and i thought that you made it that way because of the style you made, i mean the music the graphics and the way you animated it all made it feel that way. Looking forward to the next part 8/10

HoogiN00b: You did this well your graphics style was simple but that didnt stop you from getting creative and although it felt alittle weird it was funny, the faces you pulled off on the characters was good 7/10

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)

Ha, nice job

I <3 your n00bness. Good work, make more of these please.

N00bNation responds:

we will, bra att du tycker så.



Well done, guys

All of them were really good, I especially liked n00bqueen's one, very funny, and good graphics.

(How do I accept Multi-Author thingies?)

N00bNation responds:

itl get to you in a jiffy