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Transformers Zone

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Author Comments

this is one of mine others transforemrs intro's....
But i shure hope i could get some good tip of you guy's out there who are watching. thanks forwardly ^^...

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Pretty impressive

I am pretty impressed with this, Its a little good as your Victory film. But I think that the zone one is pretty impressive. I would like you to do a flash intro of Zone and try seeing how that looks in flash.

Good work.

Evinga-Angel responds:

thanks ^^ i will keep that work in mind ^^

atleast its better than this other one

im no transformer fan but this was better drawn had better music and smooth motiontween. some other person did somtimes like this but like 4x worse and the song sucked i think it was victory my god its not worth listening than seeing. yours would make it look like crap which is a good thing now that when a tranformer music flash would pop out of my head for no reason (really annoying somtimes) it would be this instead that Victory music crap. you put my mind at ease giving you a 5/5 instead of a 3/5

Evinga-Angel responds:

well i haven't learnd the programing whit flash yet..ive been kinda lazy you know ;) hehe...
but i was the one who made the victory..im sorry if you don't like it but its hard to come upp whit good ideas sometimes and somethings are just made of boringsnes in the flashmovies you know ^^...but shure i can make it better..but i only could learn the programing whit flash better ..and had a scanner then i could make some living animations too u know ^_^....but you cannot allways get what you wish for? rigth?...

Beautifal! :) Marvaleso! :P

Very well done, the music is a great choice, and even thought im not a fan of "Transformers" its the effort that counts. you enjoyed makeing this flash, i see, 'couse i found lots of interesting stuff, that no one but you could think of. I am a harsh scorer, but i gave you a seven, becouse i belive its the effort the person made gives the overall, not if you like the flash or not.
oh, and ignore Hurtzy45 and Rumblemunky, they are just jealous ;)

Grahics 7:I saw some great graphics, and i think you put alot of effrort into drawing the pictures

Style 6: I am not to much of a fan of transformers, but you deserve a 6

Sound 10: One of the best music choices i'v EVER seen! bravo!

Violence 0: None! :P

Interactivity 0: none! :P

Humor 0: None! :D

Overall 7: i enjoyed this, and you put alot of effort, so a 7 for you! :)

-Ng king :)

Evinga-Angel responds:

thanks ;)
im going to trie to make it better if i can.
but im gonna work it all over from the begining whit programing and better graffic's you know ^^....Just wanted to se what peaople thinked rigth now =)
thankts again dude for your Generouse ratings ^_^...

Not bad, really

You put a lot of work into this, usually things like this end up really crappy, but I think you pulled it off.

Evinga-Angel responds:

thank you wery mutch dude ;)
its good to hear something possetive.


Looks like you put alot of effort into this.
Could of been alittle better.

Not bad though.

Evinga-Angel responds:

yeah i know im gonna work on it a lithle more dude =D

Credits & Info

3.04 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2005
3:24 PM EST