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Random Pointless Battle 3

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Remember that if your reviews are mean, abusive, or insulting, then my responses will mock, ridicule, embarrass, insult, and degrade you. Just a warning.
Enjoy RPB 3: I had a good title, but I forgot it!
I didn't expect to upload RPB 3 so soon, but I finished the sound syncing up by working my butt off last night and this morning. It'll be a long wait till RPB 4, because I haven't even begun to make it...shame on me, making this when I should be making my big epic project(for info on my big epic project, see generalgrievous2.deviant
art.com)! Well, enjoy! A little less humor based than the others, but I think it's pretty good for a fight scene.

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Niicce. It was cool. I like how you made it go from one theme to the next. A little rough, but I can see you can come up with some pretty cool ideas. Make the fifth one, QUICK!

TheAmateurAnimator responds:

"Make the fifth one?" What a coincidence! I just started the fifth one yesterday! It should be done in a week or less. Thanks for the review!

((( FUNNY )))

Funny, and good battle, allthough would have been nice to seen it move into other scenes and even have other characters come into the fight, some better colors and shades of detal could be worked with the characters, but overall it was a fun little battle...

Better characters, more scenes and more characters could help to improve on this...

A fun little battle with a coupld of simple characters...


TheAmateurAnimator responds:

Better characters: I've been working on improving the character designs, but I've been too busy spending my summer being lazy to actually make a start on any animations.

More scenes: That's a very good idea.

More characters: I'm thinking of maybe a Blue Man Group cameo for episode 5...

Thanks for the review!


zy kato fox of hell!
well nothing feels better than a good hardy har har, right?
so, well then you think im wierd? well i cant wait till you see me AND my freinds together!
we launched a barbie doll into orbit with ligher fluid, bottle rockets, and m-80 's.
yes well next time we do that we'll invite you, we've never tried launching someone heavier that 80 imto space.... poor joe.

TheAmateurAnimator responds:

"next time we do that we'll invite you, we've never tried launching someone heavier that 80 imto space.... poor joe."
Do I even know you? PM me with the answer.

Not the sabers again!

That was a pleasant suprise i must admit, im glad you got rid of that annoyingly plain blue character and used the more detailed character who you have added some charisma too. I must also say that having no sabers in the fight was great and i was about to commend you for leaving them out all together, but yeah...., i enjoyed this fight alot more because of the difference in background designs also. I hope to see you carry the good points into RPB4.

(Kiss my ass XwaynecoltX)

TheAmateurAnimator responds:

Nah, I like lightsabers and I'm going to keep them. Sorry. Yeah, I didn't like the blue dude or the black dude(even I have to admit, they're too simple to be cool) but somehow Blue Dude ends up being a main bad guy? Wierd, huh?

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2.78 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2005
11:26 AM EST