The Gunslinger

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See if you can figure out what's happening here. It's got something to do with the skull and the bullet holes and ... well, figure it out.


What has it got to do with it?

When I seen the movie all I could think of was "Don't bring a sword to a gunfight." Other than that I really didn't catch any meaning other than well someone shoots a skeleton with a sword. But other than that Animations looked smooth and I guess good job. That is what that job was supposed to be.


I thought this was like the Dark Tower series.... But it was poorly made... I hope you can make a better one than this crap.

I get it......People should read more

I get it, but I don't want to ruin the series. Begin Again.......I see


the graphics were pretty good, although they looked like they had been done on paint. more detail was needed on the gunslinger.
I must admit, i didn't get it. the sound was very good, and suited the scenes very well.
overall, good.

yeah i got a definite Dark Tower vibe

only reason i didnt put all zeroes is because Stephen King's Dark Tower series is epic.
but this...is not
ony reason i watched it was because of the name
For thsoe who dont know in Dark Tower's first book The Guslinger the main character (Roland of Gilead) wants to catch a man he's been chasing for years. At the end he talks to him slips into a dream and when he wakes up the man is only a skeleton. In another instance roland fight a demon and keeps the skull of it as a charm. either could be what this author is referencing.
IF you havent already read the Dark Tower series its like a longer more epic Lord Of The Rings.

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3.44 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2001
6:10 AM EDT
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