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Blockhead: Episode 5

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Blockhead, Episode 5: The Mission

Blockhead tries to salvage a fleeting day.

Watch Episode 4: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/275102

*** Hey, alright! You Newgrounds boys came through for me after all - was beginning to think ol' B-to-the-H had let you down. Tip o' the hat to you all for the Front Page again.

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so thats why its 13+

wha its old

Blockhead looks like the drawings you drew when you were a kid so let's never forget we almost died and remember to brush our teeth.


I would love to live in a world where you can be absolutely idiotic and not have consequences for doing anything wrong, because that's what Blockhead does everyday! He doesn't worry about anything, no job, no wife, no kids, no taxes, and possibly not even death! And he still tries to make money by selling glasses of nails to unsuspecting customers, just for fun!
And the ending...
Blockhead: Well, that's it for me!
Blockhead's Conscience: Yeah, you and me both, stupid!
Blockhead's Conscience pulls rope, and head explodes. Hilarious!
All in all, this series changed my life.

Amazing ending.
Funny, as always.