Joe Canadian

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Might develop into series about this character



Dude, I usually write at least ONE thing about shite flashes, but this was just terrible!
The humour was wank.
The graphics were fucked.
And the title has nothing to do with it, appart from the fact that he looks like the leaf on the Canadian flag!

This was just terrible. BLAM THIS PIECE OF CRAP!


that was ok. it was kind of funny. the gaphics were pretty good. it was really too short. i think that charactor would be good in a series, but it has to have a point, even a stupid one.

Good short.

It's a decent short, quick and not hateful in any which way, not great in any aspect although the graphics DID look pretty good, it just lacked in the animation of it.
This needs to be longer, and have some kind of comic violent twist in the middle or end to make it any good.
As for now, it was a bit boring.

Big deal.

Whoop dee freaking do, a dog catches a stick two times, then carries a tree back. That's not new.

Huh what was that man. A leaf?

K dude u can do better then this. And another thing it was skippy. Try using tweened. It had no plot and it made no sense. And it was definetly not funny.

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1.96 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2001
11:28 AM EDT
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