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The Touchtone Genius

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"Let's imagine that somewhere in a hotel room there's a really talented and really bored composer who has mastered the art of accompanying himself with dial tones while calling random people in their homes."

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How it happened:
After listening to all of Andrew's music based on wacky requests, I really wanted to request my own. I had the idea trying to figure out what would fit Andrew's style and be fun to animate. The result screamed of animation potential. It then basically animated itself and asked to be put on newgrounds.



"I seriously doubt that that variety and range of tones comes from one phone"
"In normal life, wouldn't the tones cover his voice?"
"Did he do that on a real phone?"
The answer to one of these is no.
"I can't hear the tones or one of the guys. What's going on?"
That's because you only have half of the stereo! Plug in earphones and enjoy!
"Is there a sequel coming?"
"Dude! what were you on?"
I'm very proud to say I did this under the influence of inspiration, MC PANTS' talent, enthusiasm, friend support, and maybe some coffee.


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Wow this takes me back. The first time i saw this was on YouTube. For the life of me i couldn't remember the name of it. When i saw the icon for this though, i knew right away what it was. So cool.

It didn't seem that good at first, but it certainly got better. I guess I just appreciate how goofy this is. It honestly seemed like the guy on the other end was being entertained. Okay, it was 3 in the morning, so it couldn't have been good for him. This is still animated very well. Everything just looks so nice.

There wasn't that much movement. What was there was really good. I especially love this guy's voice. It's great how their faces express what they're going through so perfectly. Pretty short, but still great.

Always a treat to watch this again. :3

an insane man with the gift if song.