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Uber Breakout!

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left arrow -> spin the paddles counter-clockwise
right arrow -> spin the paddles clockwise
p -> pause

1/16/2006 - Hey Folks, number two is out!

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I was quite impressed by this. I have played many Breakout games before, but this really is unique. It's mostly because you rearrange how the entire game is played. The things you destroy aren't even blocks, but circles. I love this new style you've created. While the graphics aren't that well detailed, they're still good.

It's great to have games like this that show off your creativity. Of course, it helps that there are two bars. A Javanoid game was one of the first things I ever played on the Internet. I also think the music is quite ambitious. It's the kind of thing that keeps you going.

This is pretty good. The concept isn't exactly original, but the game does have a nice playability. Difficulty is just right. Controls are ok, you just have to take your time since if you have sensitive keys, then it may throw you off. But, over all, I liked this.

Bad Controls

The games could be better if it had better controls....


The gamplays a bit small.And it was pretty boring,This game does no bring much.."Satisfaction" to a player.


Didn't like this game too much. The paddles were spinning without me touching the keyboard which in turn made the game difficult.