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DeathClock Intro

rated 3.57 / 5 stars
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Nov 12, 2005 | 8:47 PM EST

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Author Comments

Hello Newgrounds! This will be my third cc submission. I think im finally starting to get better at drawing stuff too. Hopefully you all enjoy this one.



Rated 2 / 5 stars


well, im not fan of the CC, but this intro you have here was alright. good efforts.

ForkClock responds:

Well thank you for an honest review anyways! I understand that many people just DONT like clock movies, but judging from your review, i dont think that you are any kind of clock hater so i appreceiate the honesty. DAMN, i just looked at your profile, so i think ill take the four with MUCH respect now.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Here is what you've got to do. First your audio production needs work. Your sound with the speakonia is a little low so you need to amplify that. Your shading has improved from doing absolutly none at all to very close detail The color matching needs a little more work. The style you did it in is really more effective for FBF stuff. Also the hand bothered me a little bit. The scythe needs more glint as well. You've come a long way so don't give up. Be sure to reply to or I'll kick your scrawny ass in the name of B!

ForkClock responds:

LoL, i would hardly consider 230lbs scrawny, but I DEFINITLY will respond to the awe-inspiring AbsintheClock! As far as your suggestions go, they seem like they are definitly within my ability, but im not exactly sure if I understand what you really mean... you said the style i did it in is more effective in i did what in exactly???(color matching?) The hand, i can definitly understand. I wanted to do something cool with it, but I dont really know how to do any of those cool lighting effects yet, but that is something that i definitly want to start working with soon. There is a reason that the sound sucked so bad on this one. For some reason, every time i tried to publish this one, the sound kept getting out of sync with everything else... I asked a few people about this, and they said that it happens occasionally. Ive never had this problem before, and i had to end up finishing this by putting motions before the sounds for them to be in sync. kinda strange. And if by any chance you would be willing to give me a quick lil pointer on how to do any of your suggestions, please feel free to tell me on AIM too!! It would save me tons of time of looking through tutorials. Anyways...

Thanks for your kind review!!!


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Once again... point?

yes the graphics were nice and it was an interesting concept...but ...once again...i ask...what is the point of this piece...i didnt even chuckle...form is not merely enough...content must also be me a reason (not in word but in your creations) why such a flash should exist.....thats it, im goin for the dark aura now cuz most of these entries lack me the meaning of your piece and that will improve your score

ForkClock responds:

The "point" of it is to give you something to watch. Im not a professional animator or anything, so harsh reviews dont really bother me. Just imagine though... if everyone put out brilliant pieces that met every one of your requirements for excellence, you would have no blam points, and nothing other than a positive opinion to have. I noticed that you dont personally have any submissions to newgrounds? If you are going to leave negative reviews because you feel that other peoples work isnt up to your standards, then why not try it yourself? Obviously you must have some kind of incredible story, filled with excellent graphics, smooth motions, and a killer story line/plot, since you point the finger soooo easily. Or perhaps, you are just a little 13 yr old bitch.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice intro

The graphics in this flash were good. Nice drawing of the clocks. The background here was good as well. The animation in this flash was good. The sound in this flash, good sound effects used there. They were used very nicely. The voices, speakonia voices, but that's okay. I have nothing against it.

This flash, it was a nice intro. Seeing DeathClock, which the flash name says DeathClock. Seeing him kill that fish clock, I guess there'll be something more on the next part of this flash. It does make me wonder what will happen next. Nice work you've done here! :D


ForkClock responds:

WOW thanks man! that means alot coming from a NG user with YOUR status!!! Damn, how long have you been on ng to have so many blam and protection points?? Actually, i think i remember seeing you on the bbs when i was still linkdude1984! well anyways, thanks for the kind review! <3


Rated 4 / 5 stars

w00t deathclock

You know there are a lot of clock haters out there but its these kind of clock flash that give the CC the reputation that it has. I love them when they are short and sweet without dragging the joke out. I have a huge sythe, im going to kill someone. Stopping it there was a great move. The only gripe i had is that you appear to have used a higher framerate than normal and the bloodstains on the ground looked a little iffy. But other than that i would like to say a big welcome to deathclock on NG and hopefully we can see him kill some more.


ForkClock responds:

Thank you for the kind review! And i will agree that you and i have a similar taste in animations. I dont really care to make them very long. For one, it will take me MUCH longer to get it out, and two, most people dont have the attention span to watch the entire thing unless its action packed, or really funny the entire way through.