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TLoZ - Link is random !

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Hey all!
I really worked hard on this and i like it ^^
hope you like it too !
Watch it all and don't forget to check the extra stuff!

EDIT: i fixed some things and added some new scenes =P enjoy

EDIT2: maybe ill make one for wind + twilight princess lul



Funny stuff man. I like the style you made it all. You deserve a five.


This was a funny flash that made me smile and grin at Link running around and blushing moments. Well, other than that, i see nothing much here that needs to be worked on. I like the way the flash is made and the style causes it to be smooth. It made me chuckle so thats a plus. Good work, thanks for your submission.

ForestXion responds:

thanks for ur review ^^

YEEEHHHHAAAA high rubber@@@@

WOW!! THAT Wuz fuckin' kool!! I thought your graphix will be shit but they be burninn!! Great joooob!With friendship, badnightmare2u

ForestXion responds:

lol thanks
glad u liked it


all cool
and the extras were mad funny

A couple of things...

1. Create an invisible box around the button and convert it into a movie clip. That increases the hit rate, so you don't just have to click on the triangles... you can instead click around the triangles.
2. It was all good untill I saw the ending!!! You didn't stream your music, did you... Naughty Naghty! If you want something synchronized, you gotta stream it.

Perhaps we can have a colab sometime... Untill then...

P.S. Everything else was perfect!

ForestXion responds:

1. =p
2. yea i didnt but still it delayed o_O dunno why
P.s - thanks !^^

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Credits & Info

4.10 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2005
8:56 AM EST
Comedy - Parody