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BUMs: Back to School

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Update: Ok well first I want to say thank you for front page. We might have got a reward if we would of submitted it before the deadline cuz it was still under judgement.
As for everyone doggin' it. Just practice your jumps. I promise the game is very beatable. If i can beat it then anyone can.
BUMs: Back to School is based off the BUMs comic created by LiL' g
Help LiL' g save his friends in this action packed platformer filled with plenty of fun mini games scripted by Casper Smith with artwrok by LiL' g!
Find out all the secret Cheat codes which are cleverly hidden within the game and be the first to post them all on here in order to win a set of 10 B-group Productions Decals.
Check out the contest here:
Thanks to -Frogs- & Shanetheguy for the music in the game!
-sponsored by armorgames.com-

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Crappy controls - 1 point
Poor jumping platform hitboxes -1 point
Game can only be beaten by trial and error and a lot of repetition to learn boss movement patterns and movement patterns of guards on level 6, gets boring before you do, completing level 6 three times with all 3 guys is a chore.

So end result is 2 points.

Also a peculiar thing - Altrough I picked up every coin I ended up only having 26 coins at the end which didn't let me to enter secret level. Are there really 4 coins hidden so well or or is this some bug? Using cheats I got the 30 points needed. The secret level was a dissapointment trough. Minus falf point for missing coints, not a full point just in case it is my fault and I couldn't find 4 coins.

i'll be honest...

it's a meh

Perhaps the best in the series

I think this is probably the best thing I have ever seen in the BUM series. It helps that the whole thing is a game and you are more known for games here than regular flash cartoons. I especially like how there are so many little creative things like the red pennies to collect. If there was any flaw, it was that having to contact that other guy was kind of annoying. At least the mechanics of the game were fairly easy to understand. I think this also has some of the best use of animation of this series.

easy with cheats

well,too easy just press 'c' and go to cheats and say 'moving man' then the level is complete!(but don't work in mini game)

oh yeah

i like this game its brill nice graphics ITS BETTER THAN HEIST(not the mystery one)

Credits & Info

3.51 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2005
10:45 PM EST