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Kimblis the Blue

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*requires flash 8*

Play as Kimblis the Blue, a wizard with power over the winds.

If the game starts lagging too badly you can hit the options button on the left and change the quality, detail, or resolution settings.

You will unlock a nice little secret if you beat the game without using the level select screen. ;)


The music came from the following artists:

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This game is purely created to piss you off tbh. U want puzzles? Go ahead. But inserting retarded enemies which wont stop coming to disrupt you from solving it does not go well with fucking puzzles. Hell, the bats were fucked up. U cant hit them while walking so u need to time that shit or run after them, disrupting alot of your momentum in solving and completing the game. This shit could, COULD have been a 4 star if it werent for the control and poor mix of elements.

This game worked out pretty well for me. I kind of feel there wasn't that much need for a story. This was still nice to look at, because of how good the perspective is. You get a good understanding of what's going on. Be sure to read everything. I feel ashamed that after thousands of games reviewed, I still can't figure some parts out.

Well, that's why the instructions are there! I thought the sounds and such were quite nicely done. It seems like you have a lot of freedom to go out and experiment with the controls. The details are good, but could have been a bit better. I especially like how this guy's drawn.

6th level

How do you pass the 6th level all you get is monsters and a corridor that never ends.

not bad not great

its alright I've seen worse. good theme to it but it needs better controls and artwork.

Not great, but not horrible

The controls were way to funky, having the girl off the bat as a liability of winning and losing sucked. Leveling is odd. You can two levels running around doing practically nothing but get the girl and get the sword. The monsters wouldn't be so bad if your game didn't spawn so many all at once. Losing the game, because the girl dies also sucks. Plus, isn't the voice actor the guy who played Sonny?

The game could have been a lot better, but I am sure you've moved from making flash games since you made this 5 years ago. Cheers!